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Cost to Form an LLC in Alabama: AL LLC Cost

Cost to Form an LLC in Alabama
(Last Updated On: November 29, 2023)

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Curious about the cost of forming an LLC in Alabama? Beyond the paperwork, there’s a financial dimension to consider. But before you panic, rest assured that the journey is more affordable than it seems. This article is your compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of Alabama’s LLC formation costs.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to introduce you to game-changing LLC services such as ZenBusiness. These tools don’t just streamline the process; they’re also your ticket to smart savings. With their assistance, pursuing your Alabama business dreams becomes a reality, all while keeping cost concerns at bay.

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What Is the Cost of Forming an LLC in Alabama?

In Alabama, the primary cost to form an LLC is the $236 fee required for electronically submitting your LLC’s Certificate of Formation to the Alabama Secretary of State.

Here’s the LLC Cost Guide for all US States:

Alabama Foreign LLC Formation Costs

If you possess an LLC that’s officially registered in another state and plan to expand your business into Alabama, it’s essential to formally enroll your LLC as a foreign entity in the state.

The LLC cost in Alabama for registering a foreign entity amounts to $156 when completed online or $150 if the submission is made through traditional mail. Wondering about the exact Alabama LLC cost? You’ll be looking at these figures. To establish an Alabama LLC, the process involves submitting a Foreign Limited Liability Application for Registration to the Office of the Secretary of State in Alabama. This method can also be pursued through the mail.

Secure your desired name for a period of 12 months before establishing your LLC by submitting the Name Reservation Request Form for Foreign Entities. The filing fee is $28 for online submissions and $25 for mail-in filings.

Annual Cost for LLCs in Alabama

The cost of maintaining an LLC in Alabama involves several expenses that are affected by different factors. One crucial aspect is the Annual Business Privilege License and Tax. Adhering to Alabama’s regulations requires obtaining this license and paying the associated tax on a yearly basis. The annual report filing fee for an Alabama LLC is $50. 

However, if the LLC’s federal tax return shows that it had gross receipts of more than $1 million in the previous year, the annual report filing fee is $100. The annual report is due on or before April 15 of each year. If you file your annual report late, you will be charged a penalty of $100 per year.

You can file your annual report online through the Alabama Department of Revenue website or by mail. The filing form can be found on the website. Furthermore, there are additional fees for obtaining a business license in Alabama. The amount you need to pay depends on factors like the type of business you operate and its location.

It’s essential to ensure that your LLC’s information is always up-to-date to avoid facing penalties. Additionally, meeting the annual filing requirements, which include the Business Privilege Tax, is crucial to prevent incurring late fees. 

By following these guidelines, you can effectively handle the expenses linked with the upkeep of your Alabama LLC.

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How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Alabama With the Best LLC Service?

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Cost

Initiating the process of filing an LLC in Alabama incurs an initial cost of $236 at its foundational level, with the potential for higher expenses depending on additional selections.

In terms of processing time, the standard timeframe stands at 2 to 3 weeks. However, there are options for expediting the process. For an accelerated processing period of 4 to 6 days, an additional fee of $50 applies. Alternatively, a more urgent processing option of 1 to 2 days is available at a higher fee of $100.

ZenBusiness provides a range of three pricing tiers for their business formation services, namely: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

  • The Starter plan serves as an ideal choice for fundamental business formation requirements and comes at a cost of $0, excluding state fees.
  • Stepping up, the Pro plan encompasses additional features like expedited filing and registered agent service, available at a price of $199 in addition to state fees.
  • For those seeking a comprehensive package, the Premium plan extends beyond the Pro plan by incorporating all its offerings along with the inclusion of unlimited Worry-Free Compliance. This unique feature aids businesses in maintaining compliance with both state and federal regulations. The Premium plan is attainable at a price point of $349 in addition to state fees.

Furthermore, ZenBusiness sweetens the deal by offering a complimentary year of Worry-Free Compliance with the purchase of any of their plans.

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Additional Costs When Starting an LLC in Alabama

Alabama LLC Name Costs 

Alabama LLC Name Costs encompass the expenditures related to selecting and securing a suitable name for your Limited Liability Company (LLC) within the state. These costs involve the fee for reserving your preferred name, which varies based on the filing method $28 for online and $25 for mail submissions. 

Additionally, the essential Certificate of Formation, establishing your LLC and including its name, incurs a $200 fee. These expenses are integral to the LLC formation process, ensuring name protection and official establishment within Alabama’s regulations.

Alabama Registered Agent Costs

Alabama requires designating a Registered Agent for your LLC, with the choice of paying either $0 or $125 annually. A Registered Agent in Alabama is an individual or entity responsible for receiving legal documents and state notifications on behalf of your LLC. The Registered Agent must have a physical address within the state and should be available during regular business hours.

Opting to act as your own Registered Agent or having someone you know to fulfill this role doesn’t incur any extra charges. Alternatively, you can decide to employ the services of a Registered Agent provider, which typically costs between $100 and $300 annually. These providers also offer various beneficial business services and can help safeguard your privacy.

Enlisting a Registered Agent service becomes particularly beneficial if:

  • You lack an in-state address (as Alabama mandates Registered Agents to possess a physical state address)
  • You wish to shield your address from public exposure (certain service providers might allow you to use their address to maintain your privacy)

Alabama Operating Agreement Costs

There is no charge for creating an LLC Operating Agreement in Alabama. This written contract serves as an agreement among LLC Members and outlines crucial aspects such as ownership details, management procedures, and profit allocation. Both Single-Member and Multi-Member LLCs should develop an Operating Agreement, store it alongside their business documents, and provide copies to all Members.

Alabama EIN Cost

No fee is associated with obtaining an LLC EIN Number in Alabama. The EIN also referred to as an Employer Identification Number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), serves various purposes, such as filing income taxes, setting up an LLC bank account, and potentially hiring employees. While numerous websites may impose a service charge for obtaining an EIN, the process can actually be conducted free of charge.

You can easily secure an EIN for your LLC through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) without incurring any costs. The online application process takes just a few minutes to complete.

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Alabama LLC Taxes

There are many different types of Alabama LLC taxes that owners must pay, so this annual cost varies widely. Some of the taxes LLC owners pay include:

Federal Income Taxes

When it comes to federal income taxes for your LLC, there are different approaches the IRS can take. For Single-Member LLCs, the IRS treats them as Disregarded Entities, meaning they don’t file their own tax return. Instead, the owner handles the tax return and payment. The taxation method depends on the LLC owner: if an individual, it’s taxed like a Sole Proprietorship; if owned by a company, it’s taxed as part of the parent company. 

In Multi-Member LLCs, taxation is akin to a Partnership. The LLC files a Partnership Return (Form 1065) and issues Schedule K-1s, with owners paying taxes on personal returns.

Husband and Wife LLC Taxes

In some states, a husband and wife-owned LLC can opt for Single-Member LLC taxation (Qualified Joint Venture) rather than Multi-Member status. However, not all states offer this choice, like Alabama.

Electing Corporate Taxation

Beyond the default statuses, an LLC can choose corporate taxation. This involves two types of elections: S-Corporation and C-Corporation. 

The former can help businesses save on self-employment taxes, but careful consideration is essential, particularly once the business is established with consistent revenue.

Alabama State Income Tax

In Alabama, the taxation varies. Single-member LLCs usually have the owner reporting LLC profits or losses on their personal state return. Multi-member LLCs might need to file a Partnership return at the state level, with owners also reporting on their personal state returns. Certain industries might have additional Alabama business taxes.

Local Income Tax

LLCs in Alabama might be liable for local income taxes, necessitating filing and payment. Professional help is often recommended to navigate these obligations.

Alabama Sales Tax

Selling products in Alabama could require you to collect sales tax and obtain a Seller’s Permit issued by the Alabama Department of Revenue. This permit allows you to collect sales tax for retail sales.

Alabama LLC Payroll Taxes

For Alabama LLCs with employees, payroll taxes are a must. This encompasses various taxes and filings, such as federal and state income tax withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and both federal and state unemployment taxes. Setting up payroll correctly is crucial, often requiring expert assistance to avoid errors and penalties.

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Alabama LLC Cost FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Open an LLC in Alabama?

The fee to initiate an Alabama LLC is $236, encompassing the charges for the LLC Certificate of Formation, LLC Name Reservation, and the online filing service.

Opting for traditional mail submission offers a slightly reduced cost, amounting to $225 for both the LLC Certificate of Formation and LLC Name Reservation components.

Certain LLCs within Alabama might necessitate the acquisition of business licenses, contingent upon factors such as industry classification and geographical location. The expenses linked with acquiring local business permits are subject to variation.

How Much Does an LLC in Alabama Cost Per Year?

Alabama LLCs are required to pay $50 each year for the Annual Report and Alabama Business Privilege Tax, both paid to the Department of Revenue. This is the sole obligatory state annual fee to maintain your LLC’s good standing. 

If you utilize a Registered Agent service, you’ll also have a yearly subscription fee, typically around $125. Depending on your industry and LLC location, you might need a business license with potential annual renewal fees from your municipality.

Should I Hire an LLC Formation Service?

While it’s not obligatory to use a professional service to establish your Alabama LLC, you can do it independently if you wish to streamline the process and ensure accurate filing, we suggest considering ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is renowned for its outstanding customer assistance and extends the perk of free Registered Agent services for the initial year. Furthermore, they offer supplementary advantages such as an Operating Agreement and expert support for Annual Report submissions, making the overall LLC setup experience more seamless.


In conclusion, the path to forming an LLC in Alabama reveals a financial landscape extending beyond the initial fee. The journey encompasses acquiring crucial documentation, enlisting aid from registered agents, and managing pivotal elements like operating agreements and securing an EIN. Effective financial management in these areas is paramount, and this is where the expertise of LLC services like ZenBusiness shines.

Armed with an understanding of these multifaceted costs and empowered by the assistance of ZenBusiness, aspiring business owners can embark on their Alabama LLC venture with confidence. This comprehensive approach not only ensures a solid foundation but also cultivates a supportive environment for sustained success.

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