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10 Best LLC Services Reviewed & Cost Compared in 2024

Best LLC Services
(Last Updated On: April 5, 2024)

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Imagine you’re launching the business you’ve always dreamed of and you can’t wait to get started. However, the thought of dealing with complicated legal documents makes you feel lost and confused.

This is when LLC services become valuable. These online services simplify the process of getting your business up and running, allowing you to concentrate on bringing your dream to life.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the leading LLC services found online and assist you in finding the one that suits your needs perfectly. Prepare to embark on the journey toward achieving your business goals!

10 Best LLC Services

In assessing the top LLC services on the internet, several aspects were taken into account to make sure the rankings reflected true value. Factors such as how easy the services are to use, their costs, the quality of customer support, and the features each service provides were all considered.

User reviews and ratings were also examined to understand the experiences of actual customers. These considerations help paint a comprehensive view of the leading LLC services available online.

Northwest Registered Agent – Best LLC Service Overall

Star Rating: 4/5

For those who are certain they will need a registered agent service for their LLC, Northwest Registered Agent comes highly recommended. Their standard LLC package includes the service of a registered agent at the initial cost, and they offer Corporate Guide® service for any assistance you might need.

Northwest stands out for its user-friendly approach, offering flexible payment options and advice from seasoned professionals. Their Corporate Guide® service connects small business owners with experts knowledgeable about state-specific regulations, aiding with various aspects of the formation process. 

Furthermore, Northwest provides services for annual compliance filings for an extra charge, handling the necessary filings directly instead of just reminding you to complete them. They also allow for installment payments, enabling you to spread out the costs of formation and state filing fees over time.


  • Quick, friendly customer help
  • Offers a free do-it-yourself option
  • You can avoid the upfront state fee by paying each month
  • Files on the same day you submit your paperwork


  • No legal services provided
  • Not many customer reviews
  • Not as famous as other companies

Pricing & Plans

Northwest Registered Agent provides services for forming an LLC starting at a yearly cost of $225. This basic package covers crucial steps like preparing and submitting the Articles of Organization, checking if the business name is available, and including registered agent service for one year.

Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent offers online access to your business documents, complimentary mail forwarding for legal and tax paperwork, and alerts and reminders about compliance. 

They have various detailed features and extra options for an added charge, offering a tailored and easy way for businesses to set up their LLCs.

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Star Rating: 3.8/5

If you’re looking for a straightforward LLC formation process without any unnecessary steps, Bizee is likely your best bet. With just a few quick questions, business owners can have their LLCs set up in minutes, with Bizee handling all the details.

The Silver package from Bizee, which is offered at no cost, includes as many business name searches as you need and the preparation of legal documents. The only expenses are the state filing fees, and the package even comes with a free year of registered agent service. 

Bizee stands out for its clear communication about fees after the first year, a practice not all companies follow. Bizee’s true value, however, is in its dedication to superior service and customer support. 

They provide various support options, such as chat, email, and phone, with a committed team ready to help Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 p.m. CST. While Bizee offers a more condensed set of services compared to other providers, its reliability in business formation is well-supported by positive feedback from customers. 

Bizee includes critical features such as templates for LLC operating agreements, EIN filing, alerts for lifetime compliance, and an online dashboard for easy document management.


  • Cheaper than other options
  • Endless searches for LLC names
  • Clear pricing with no unexpected charges
  • Quick service, with options for same-day filing on premium packages


  • Few legal services are offered
  • Customer help is not available on weekends and has limited hours

Pricing & Plans

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Inc Authority – Best LLC Service for Startups

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Inc Authority provides a selection of budget-friendly options that equip entrepreneurs with the essential tools and support to quickly and effectively establish their LLCs. 

Beyond just LLC formation services, Inc Authority extends various additional offerings like business credit solutions and website design to aid entrepreneurs in expanding their ventures. The firm has garnered positive feedback and high ratings from its clientele, reflecting a strong customer satisfaction level.

Moreover, Inc Authority commits to offering lifetime customer support across all its service packages, guaranteeing that entrepreneurs receive continuous help and advice not just during the LLC setup phase but also as they progress and grow their businesses. 

Inc Authority stands out as a trustworthy and cost-effective choice for LLC formation, complemented by a suite of extra services designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing and scaling their businesses.


  • Low-cost options for creating an LLC
  • Lifetime support for any package chosen
  • High praise and strong ratings from customers
  • Different package levels, from basic to premium, for various business needs
  • Offers extra services like business credit help and website creation


  • Fewer choices to customize some packages
  • Limited options for registered agent services
  • Missing features in some packages, like legal or tax advice, compared to others

Pricing & Plans

>> Get Started With Inc Authority >>

Tailor Brands – Best LLC Service for Branding Options

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Tailor Brands aims to support entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive solution that includes LLC formation, compliance, and establishing a brand and online presence. Tailor Brands presents three distinct plans, but the Elite Plan comes highly recommended. 

This plan stands out because it offers everything an entrepreneur needs to connect with their target audience, which is crucial in developing an online presence.

Many companies can help with the basics of forming an LLC and creating a website, which are important first steps. However, these steps are just the start of creating a brand and reaching out to potential customers. 

The Elite Plan from Tailor Brands offers additional features that enable you to transform from merely an LLC with a website into a recognized brand with a substantial online presence. While Tailor Brands may not be the most cost-effective option for startups on a tight budget, it’s essential for those prepared to invest in developing a strong online presence.


  • Everything you need to start your business online in one place
  • Super simple to use; set up in just 10 minutes with a few clicks
  • Offers branding tools and helps you create an online identity
  • Provides more ways to customize, like making logos and graphic designs


  • To fully benefit from Tailor Brands, you need the most expensive plan, which is not ideal for those looking for the cheapest solutions

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic: $9.99/month or $3.99/mo if you pay for the year upfront
  • Standard: $19.99/month or $5.99/mo if you pay for the year upfront
  • Premium: $49.99/month or $12.99/mo if you pay for the year upfront

>> Check Out Tailor Brands >>

ZenBusiness – Best for New Business

Star Rating: 4.7/5

If you have any questions while setting up your LLC, ZenBusiness has you covered with extended customer service hours, even on weekends. They offer an affordable basic LLC formation package that includes compliance alerts without extra cost.

ZenBusiness makes the formation process interactive, using a chat feature that guides you through filling out your paperwork by asking about your LLC plans. As a relatively new company, ZenBusiness also provides free resources and “courses” to help inspire your business direction or growth.

Their “Worry-Free Compliance” feature sends reminders about necessary filings to maintain your business’s good standing. Additionally, they offer services for website building and domain name registration.


  • Option to add a registered agent service
  • Includes hassle-free yearly compliance checks
  • Various subscription levels to match your needs


  • Extra features are more expensive than similar services

Pricing & Plans

  • Starter Plan: This plan costs $0 yearly plus state filing fees. It offers basic LLC setup services, including checking if a name is available, preparing and submitting the Articles of Organization, and one year of registered agent services.
  • Pro Plan: At $199 a year, this plan includes everything in the Starter Plan, along with an Operating Agreement, EIN registration, and a banking resolution.
  • Premium Plan: For $349 annually, this plan has everything in the Pro Plan, plus faster filing, compliance checks, and a guarantee of peace of mind.

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BusinessRocket – Best for Quick Turnaround Time

Star Rating: 4.3/5

BusinessRocket LLC is a consultancy firm that assists entrepreneurs and businesses with their incorporation needs.

They offer a range of services for startups, such as clearing LLC names, preparing and filing articles of organization, offering consultations, analyzing compliance, providing compliance guard alerts, and lifetime customer support. 

Their offerings include legal assistance, tax compliance, and registering business entities. BusinessRocket strives to keep prices competitive and provides free consultations for starting an LLC. They have a straightforward four-step process for setting up an LLC.


  • Reliable service
  • Affordable choices
  • Simple process to register a business


  • Not much info on customer help
  • Few ways to get in touch

Pricing & Plans

>> Get Started With BusinessRocket >>

Swyft Filing – Best LLC Service for Quick Turnaround Time

Star Rating: 4.6/5

For entrepreneurs who need more time and need to get their business up and running quickly, Swyft Filings stands out as the preferred option. Swyft Filings lives up to its name by offering some of the quickest service times in the industry, with a process that typically takes 7 to 10 business days.

Swyft Filings is a straightforward service provider that lets you tailor your package, ensuring you only pay for what you need. They provide essential services at competitive prices, including templates for operating agreements, registered agent services, applications for EINs, and checks for business name availability.

Additionally, they offer a free one-hour tax consultation, a trial for compliance alerts, and a website domain via Squarespace as part of their no-cost benefits.


  • Very low starting prices
  • Can pay bit by bit
  • Quick to file documents


  • Costs of extra services can climb fast
  • The simple package misses some setup forms
  • Need to pay extra for a registered agent and to get an EIN

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic Plan: Costs $49 plus state fees, covering the creation and submission of the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, checking if the name is free to use, and providing a registered agent for a year.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $149 plus state fees, it offers everything in the Basic Plan, plus filing for an EIN/Tax ID, creating an operating agreement or bylaws, and preparing a banking resolution.
  • Premium Plan: For $299 plus state fees, this plan includes all Standard Plan services, plus setting up a business website with a domain, establishing a business email and phone number, and generating a business license report.

>> Get Started With Swyft Filings >>

Firstbase – Best for Usability

Star Rating: 4.0/5 celebrates diversity, inclusion, creativity, and the happiness of its customers. This company is powered by a dedicated and skilled team working remotely across the globe. It provides a dynamic and nurturing work atmosphere, encouraging learning, growth, and enjoyment. 

Regular events and activities are organized to strengthen community and teamwork among staff. supports individuals worldwide in launching and expanding their US businesses. Through an online platform, it simplifies the company setup process, ensuring compliance and round-the-clock customer support globally.

Furthermore, it offers connections to banking, payment processing, payroll, accounting, and more via its partnerships.


  • Simple interface
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Provides significant benefits
  • Fast document handling
  • Excellent help from customer service


  • Costs more than other companies
  • Not available in every state

Pricing & Plans offers clear pricing and comprehensive features aimed at fully supporting your business’s incorporation and compliance requirements. Here’s a brief summary of their main products and features:

>> Get Started With >>

MyCompanyWorks – Best for Extra LLC Services

Star Rating: 3/5

MyCompanyWorks is a well-regarded service for forming LLCs, providing a broad array of assistance for entrepreneurs launching their businesses. With over two decades of experience, the company has supported thousands of customers in establishing their LLCs. 

MyCompanyWorks tailors its offerings to meet various business requirements through different packages, including basic to premium LLC formation options, registered agent services, and compliance solutions for businesses.

They ensure customer satisfaction with their services and offer a straightforward platform that enables entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively set up their LLCs. 

Furthermore, MyCompanyWorks boasts a dedicated team of seasoned professionals ready to address any inquiries and assist throughout the process of forming an LLC.


  • Over 20 years of trusted experience
  • User-friendly platform for fast LLC setup
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed with all options
  • Expert customer support ready to assist
  • Various packages tailored for different business requirements


  • Costs might be higher than other services
  • Fewer ways to customize some packages
  • Lacks some features like legal or tax advice found elsewhere

Pricing & Plans

>> Visit MyCompanyWorks Now! >>

Star Rating: 2.8/5

If you anticipate needing continuous legal support, particularly for trademarks and other forms of intellectual property protection, LegalZoom stands out as the top choice for LLC formation services. 

This provider tailors its legal offerings to meet the specific needs of your business, making it a great fit for both new ventures and established companies.

While the cost of LegalZoom’s Pro package might exceed that of its rivals in several respects, it compensates by providing the broadest range of legal assistance. LegalZoom ensures access to attorneys with diverse specializations across all 50 states. 

Its Business Advisory Plan includes legal consultation, offering extensive guidance on contracts, trademarks, and business trusts. Moreover, LegalZoom provides counsel on ancillary services such as taxes, banking, insurance, and regulatory compliance.


  • Famous and reliable, it helped over 2 million business owners
  • Lawyers with many skills are available nationwide
  • 60-day refund promise if not satisfied


  • Higher prices for registered agents help
  • Starting an LLC costs more than with other companies
  • Customer help needs work, as seen in our and others’ reviews

Pricing & Plans

>> Try LegalZoom >>

Ranking Methodology for the Best LLC Services

Customers trust us to deliver unbiased and precise details, which is why our team of certified legal professionals developed an extensive rating method to shape our reviews of online legal services. 

In assembling our lineup of best LLC services, we collected data on all available providers based on numerous ranking criteria and assigned scores ranging from 0.0 to 5.0, where 5.0 represents the highest quality, for experiences across different areas:

  • Features: This looks into the crucial services a company provides for LLC setups, like registered agent service, templates for operating agreements, help with EIN applications, licensing assistance, expert guidance, tax advice, compliance support, and a guarantee of approval.
  • Value for Money: This assesses whether the company’s basic, mid-level, and top-tier packages offer a good deal, fall short, or meet expectations in terms of cost versus benefits.
  • Customer Service: This evaluates if the support provided via email, phone, and chat was satisfactory, focusing on response time and accuracy.
  • Usability: This examines the ease of using the company’s website, including any difficulties encountered while adding services or logging into an account, comparing experiences before and after creating an account.
  • Customer Satisfaction: This considers feedback from reliable review platforms and our own experience with the company’s service process.

Best LLC Services – Buyer’s Guide

What Is an LLC?

An LLC, or limited liability company, creates a legal distinction between the business owners and their company. This means the owners’ personal assets are kept separate from the business’s assets. 

As a result, LLC owners are not personally responsible for the business’s debts. LLCs can offer tax benefits to certain business owners. Additionally, establishing an LLC can enhance your professional image, making your business appear more credible than operating as an individual.

How To Start an LLC By State?

To launch an LLC, the initial step involves submitting business formation documents to the state where you plan to operate. This process includes several mandatory actions; for instance, every state demands the appointment of a registered agent. 

Additionally, you must identify and compile the specific documents your state requires before you can file the articles of organization. The optimal state for your LLC’s operation might not always be where you live.

It’s crucial to comply with the regulations of each state where your business is active, and these rules can differ significantly. For instance, some states mandate the submission of comprehensive annual reports, whereas others may need only minimal details. 

Moreover, the fee structure varies by state, with some charging annual fees and others only a one-time fee. This filing fee can vary widely, from $50 to $300 or more. For comprehensive instructions, consider reading our complete guide on establishing an LLC.

Why do I need an LLC formation Service?

There are several reasons why you might need an LLC formation service:

  • Legal Compliance: An LLC formation service makes sure your business follows all legal steps required to start an LLC in your state.
  • Time-Saving: This service takes care of all paperwork and filing for you, freeing up your time to concentrate on other business areas.
  • Expertise: With specialized knowledge in setting up LLCs, an LLC formation service ensures you cover all necessary steps without errors.
  • Liability Protection: It helps safeguard your personal assets against any legal claims or debts your business might face.
  • Professional Image: Using an LLC formation service to establish your business can enhance its professional appearance, which matters when interacting with clients or investors.

Overall, using an LLC formation service can be a smart choice for any business owner looking to correctly and legally set up their LLC. It also saves time and helps safeguard personal assets.

How To Choose the Best LLC Service?

Forming an LLC doesn’t always require the use of a service; the procedure is generally simple in most states and can be done without incurring service fees. Nonetheless, choosing to use an LLC service comes with several advantages. Here are some important benefits to think about as you decide:

  • Registered agent services can keep your personal details private by handling your paperwork, which saves you the time it takes to both file and learn the filing process.
  • Operating agreements might be included with your filing service, which spares you from having to write one yourself or modify a general template.
  • The ability to register in multiple states could be important if you live close to a state border or plan to run your business in a different state from where you reside.
  • Articles of organization, necessary for LLC formation in most places, are typically prepared by LLC services as part of their package. Ensure there’s no extra charge for this.
  • Branding services, like trademark registrations, may be offered by some LLC services. This is crucial if you want to secure a unique logo or slogan for your business.

LLC services vary in what they offer and their charges, so it’s wise to identify the services you need and select a provider that delivers them at a fair price. Some providers offer a free trial, allowing you to evaluate if their services align with your requirements before committing long-term.

Best LLC Services – Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are our most frequently asked questions to attend to all your further queries.

What Does an LLC Service Do?

Each state comes with its own set of regulations, documents, and fees for creating an LLC. By employing a professional service for your LLC setup, you ensure all necessary steps are covered, leaving no detail overlooked. This approach eliminates the need to hunt for state-specific documents or stress over filing deadlines. 

Top-notch LLC services provide the appropriate forms for your state and oversee the entire incorporation process, preventing expensive errors. If you have any inquiries, customer support teams are on standby, ensuring you’re not navigating the complexities of business formation alone.

Can I Set up an LLC by Myself?

Certainly, you can form an LLC on your own. However, it’s important to gather the correct documents, known as articles of incorporation or certificates of formation, tailored to your state’s requirements. This might also involve creating an operating agreement. Be aware that state filing fees and deadlines differ, so you’ll need to look into those details.

Alternatively, consider hiring a local business lawyer for assistance. Although this option may cost more than using the best LLC services, having a personal connection with a professional nearby might be advantageous if you value face-to-face interactions.

Is ZenBusiness Good for LLC Formation?

Our evaluation confirms that ZenBusiness successfully fulfills its commitment to simplify the LLC formation process. It earns the highest rating from us because of its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, availability of free resources, and interactive guide to forming your business

Beyond just launching your company, ZenBusiness’s Worry-Free Compliance feature helps you keep your business in good standing by managing annual filings and business tax requirements.

Bottom Line on Best LLC Services

Launching an LLC might seem daunting, yet choosing an appropriate online service can greatly simplify the process. 

Through extensive research and comparison of various LLC services, we’ve highlighted the best ones for you to consider, with Tailor Brands ranking as our favorite. Whether your main concerns are cost, user-friendliness, or extensive features, you’ll find an LLC service that fits your requirements. 

Opting for one of the best LLC services we recommend will help you safeguard your personal assets, boost your business’s credibility, and allow you to concentrate on expanding your enterprise.

>> Start Using Tailor Brands Now! >> 

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