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How to Form an LLC in Idaho in 5 Steps – 2024 Complete Guide

How to Form an LLC in Idaho
(Last Updated On: February 28, 2024)

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When people contemplate the state of Idaho, they likely associate it with either potatoes or its picturesque mountainous terrain. Nevertheless, for aspiring entrepreneurs, Idaho might present an excellent opportunity to establish a new business. Discover the process of forming an LLC in Idaho through our informative step-by-step guide. We will guide you through each stage and emphasize key factors to consider.

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How to Start an LLC: Idaho 5-Step Guide

Gaining further knowledge about the formation of an Idaho LLC is an excellent means to bolster your small business’s reputation and pave the way for its future achievements. Ready to commence? Follow this concise five-step guide.

Step 1: Choose a Name for Your Idaho LLC

Choosing a name for your Idaho LLC allows for a spectrum of creativity, ranging from the simple to the imaginative, depending on the preferences of the LLC members. Some opt for using the members’ names for the LLC’s formation and then registering an assumed name for conducting business. 

Alternatively, others directly file their formation documents with the business name they intend to use. For instance, an LLC specializing in potato bread might be established as “Johnson and James, LLC,” yet conduct business under the name “Pota-toast.”

To ensure your chosen name is accepted, you must adhere to specific naming guidelines, including:

  • Including the phrase “limited liability company” or its abbreviations, such as “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” “L.C.,” or “LC.”
  • Optionally abbreviating “limited” as “Ltd.” and “company” as “Co.”
  • Ensuring your name is distinct from other business entities in Idaho.
  • Avoiding words that might be confused with government agencies, such as “NSA” or “FBI.”
  • Refraining from implying an association with professional services or licensure without obtaining state approval, like using “Banking” or “University.”

Naming Tips

The name you select will be your first point of contact for potential business partners and customers. It should be catchy and memorable. Consider using techniques like alliteration or wordplay, such as “Potato Planet LLC” or “Reach for the STARtch LLC.”

Once you have a potential name in mind for your Idaho LLC, check its availability by searching the business entity database. If your desired name is unavailable, try substituting keywords with synonyms or rearranging the words.

Insider Tip: If you require more time to complete the LLC formation paperwork, you can take a proactive step to prevent others from using your chosen name. By paying a $20 fee, you can reserve your LLC’s name for up to four months.

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Step 2: Nominate a Registered Agent

The registered agent holds the responsibility of receiving legal documents on behalf of the LLC and serves as the initial point of contact when the state needs to communicate with the company. An Idaho LLC’s registered agent can be an individual who is a resident of the state or a business entity authorized to operate within the state.

While appointing an LLC member might seem like the simplest choice, there are professional services specializing in this role. These services often provide timely reminders for annual filings to ensure your LLC remains compliant. Some LLCs may opt to designate their attorney as the registered agent, allowing for immediate legal counsel in case of lawsuits against the LLC.

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Step 3: File Your Certificate of Organization

Submitting the certificate of organization stands as the pivotal step in understanding how to initiate an LLC in Idaho. This document serves as the official notification and registration paperwork, informing the state of the individual’s intent to establish an LLC. All Idaho Secretary of State LLC forms can be submitted either online or through traditional mail and must encompass the following details:

  • LLC’s name
  • Principal office’s mailing address
  • Registered agent’s name and address
  • The LLC’s governor’s name and address (who can be a member or manager of the LLC)
  • An address for future correspondence
  • The signature and contact information of the LLC organizer

The standard processing time typically spans 7 to 10 business days, but for an additional fee of $100, you can expedite the processing to receive same-day service. If you choose to submit your forms via mail, the processing time extends to approximately one month.

Insider Tip: When mailing any documents to the state, including your certificate, you will be required to pay a $100 filing fee along with an extra $20 processing fee per form. To save on costs, opt for online filing, where you’ll only need to cover the filing fees.

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Step 4: Create Your Operating Agreement

While Idaho doesn’t mandate the inclusion of an operating agreement for your LLC during its formation, it’s a highly recommended step for ensuring the success of your company. This agreement typically delineates the operational aspects of the business and the relationships between its members.

Your Idaho LLC’s operating agreement serves as a formal record of decisions made among the members and functions as a legally binding contract, holding both the members and the company accountable in the event of disputes in the future. Without an operating agreement in place, your LLC will be governed solely by Idaho LLC laws, which may not always align with your business’s best interests.

Consider a scenario where members of an LLC establish a company to generate extra funds for their children’s college tuition. They informally agree that the LLC will exist until the youngest child among the members reaches the age of 18.

Fast forward 20 years, the last child finally turns 18, and the members intend to retire and dissolve the LLC. However, one member decides to adopt a newborn and wishes to prolong the LLC’s existence until that child also reaches 18. Without an operating agreement specifying the dissolution terms agreed upon two decades earlier, room is left for disagreement among the members regarding the company’s duration. This situation could lead to a complicated dissolution process and potentially damage the members’ relationships.

Some typical details to incorporate into an operating agreement encompass:

  • Procedures for admitting new members
  • Guidelines for dissolution
  • Protocols for voting
  • Day-to-day company operations
  • The company’s mission statement
  • The structure of management
  • Allocation of profits and losses

Insider Tip: Members can also include a clause designating a third-party mediator to resolve disputes, which can help prevent premature dissolution and foster trust among the members.

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Step 5: Get an EIN

An employer identification number (EIN) primarily serves the IRS for tax-related purposes, but it also plays a crucial role in various essential business activities. While it’s mandatory for companies with multiple members or employees, even a sole owner of an Idaho LLC can find value in obtaining an EIN if they wish to:

  • Open business bank accounts
  • Establish relationships with vendors
  • Hire employees
  • Apply for business licenses
  • Safeguard their Social Security number from exposure

Obtaining an EIN is a straightforward and easily accessible process through the IRS online application portal. This unique nine-digit identifier can enhance your Idaho LLC’s credibility when engaging with other businesses or suppliers, as it signifies that your LLC is registered with the IRS.

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Step 6: Keep Your LLC Compliant

The initial five steps focus on establishing an LLC in Idaho, but you’ll also need to undertake additional actions to maintain its vitality and prosperity.

Get Licensed

Depending on the nature of your business, you might require additional licenses from either the state or the county where you operate. Idaho offers a questionnaire sequence that directs you to the relevant offices for more information and provides a checklist of the required licenses. Many counties have their own licensing prerequisites and additional taxes, so you should reach out to your local authorities for detailed guidance.

File Your Idaho LLC Annual Report 

There is no annual fee for an Idaho LLC, but it’s essential to file a report by the end of your LLC’s anniversary month each year. Failure to do so within 60 days may lead to the state dissolving your company involuntarily. You can streamline this process by creating an online account, filing the report, and signing up for reminders to ensure timely submissions and avoid the risk of dissolution.

Comply with LLC Tax Filing Obligations

Taxation involves federal, state, and local levels, and it’s crucial to adhere to the requirements at each tier. You may choose to enlist the services of an accountant or tax attorney to prevent any oversight in your filings.

Federal Tax Filing

As LLCs are pass-through tax entities, where profits pass through to the members who pay taxes on the LLC income, you only need to report your LLC’s income to the IRS. This typically involves filing Form 1040 (for single-member LLCs) or Form 1065 (for multi-member LLCs) and submitting Schedule K-1 forms for each individual member.

State and Local Taxes

Idaho’s LLC tax code can be intricate and varies based on factors like the number of members in your Idaho LLC and the allocation of profits among them. At the very least, there’s a $10 tax for all LLCs. The Idaho State Tax Commission provides several guides to address any questions you may have, along with contact details for specific inquiries.

If your LLC has employees, you’ll need to register your company to pay employer and state unemployment insurance taxes. If your Idaho LLC sells goods to Idaho customers, you’ll be required to collect and remit sales tax. After registering, you’ll obtain a seller’s permit for online sales tax payments.

Start a Website

Once your company is operational, it’s crucial to shift your focus towards business growth and brand optimization. A valuable strategy is to acquire a domain name and create a website. A website isn’t solely for businesses selling products online; it also serves as a point of contact for potential clients and provides information about your company’s mission and management.

Local Resources

To further expand your business, you can leverage local resources and organizations for consultation and potential funding opportunities. Some available options include:

A questionnaire is connecting your Idaho LLC with assistance programs and grants.

Small business development consultation and training services are provided by regional offices.

A directory of angel investors and other support centers for small businesses.

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Ways to Create an LLC: Illinois Options

Before delving into the formation procedures, it’s essential to determine the most suitable approach for establishing your Illinois Limited Liability Company.


For budget-conscious entrepreneurs, the DIY option might be the most suitable choice for initiating their LLC, given the abundant information available in this guide and on the Illinois Secretary of State website. For uncomplicated and straightforward LLCs, it’s entirely possible to complete the process independently.

Using an LLC Formation Service

Online LLC services specialize in handling the necessary documentation for LLC formation. Small business owners in Illinois, especially those with their hands full, might discover that the modest cost associated with hiring an LLC service is well justified. These services typically offer valuable features, including guaranteed acceptance by the state, assistance with EIN application, registered agent services, and assistance with drafting an operating agreement.

Moreover, many of these services are customizable, providing you with the flexibility to select the one that best suits your specific needs.


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You don’t have to worry about the paperwork hassles when you opt for ZenBusiness. This company offers a wide range of LLC services, with a primary focus on ensuring that your business is correctly established and all the necessary documentation is completed and promptly delivered to the relevant state government department. While ZenBusiness does charge for its services, customers often find it to be a cost-effective choice.

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Northwest Registered Agent

Commencing a business often involves navigating a maze of state-mandated paperwork, which can be perplexing for new business owners. Northwest Registered Agent provides business services designed to assist entrepreneurs in locating the right documents, filling them out accurately, and submitting them punctually to the appropriate government agency. 

In addition to helping you establish an LLC, Northwest offers a range of supplementary services, including registered agent services, which can be highly beneficial for new business proprietors.

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Incfile offers a valuable resource library to guide first-time business owners in determining the type of business they should establish. Beyond this, Incfile assists with document preparation and filing procedures, making the intricacies of concepts like a registered agent, articles of organization, and EIN more accessible. The company has established a strong reputation and boasts positive online reviews.

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Hiring an Attorney

Although not the optimal choice for every startup, hiring an attorney may be a prudent course of action, particularly for businesses with investors or complex financial structures.

How to Start an LLC in Idaho – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an LLC Service?

Everything that an LLC service can accomplish, a business owner can undertake independently without incurring service fees (though they still need to cover state or other entity filing fees and potential associated expenses, which are typically lower compared to paying both service fees and these additional costs). 

LLC services cater to business owners who prefer not to handle the filing process themselves and may offer access to additional legal services, leveraging the experience of professionals. 

Alternatively, a local business attorney can also assist in forming your LLC. While this may involve higher costs than an online service, a lawyer can be an attractive option if you value a personalized relationship with someone who can address a wide range of legal inquiries and concerns.

What Do I Do if I Make a Mistake When Filing My LLC Forms?

Typically, state regulations mandate that LLC proprietors must fill out a statement of correction to record the mistake and modification, and they’re also required to submit the relevant filing fee.

Read more: Cost to Start an LLC

What Kind of Tax Flexibility Does an LLC Provide?

LLCs have the flexibility to be taxed like sole proprietorships, partnerships, C corporations (C-corps), or S corporations (S-corps), providing members with options to reduce their tax liability.

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