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How to Start an LLC in Maine – Essential Guide for 2024

How to Start an LLC in Maine
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2024)

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Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Maine is a straightforward process that offers entrepreneurs a flexible and protective business structure. Maine’s business-friendly environment and simple regulatory requirements make it ideal for establishing an LLC. 

To embark on this journey, prospective business owners must navigate a series of steps, including selecting a unique business name, appointing a registered agent, and filing the necessary formation documents with the Maine Secretary of State. 

This guide will provide a concise overview of the key steps and considerations involved in initiating the LLC formation process in the state of Maine, empowering individuals to launch their ventures with confidence and compliance.

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Setting Up an LLC in Maine: Step-by-Step

Starting an LLC in Maine involves a systematic process designed to provide entrepreneurs with a flexible and protective business structure. Follow these steps to initiate the formation of your Limited Liability Company:

1. Choose a Name for Your Maine LLC

Adhere to Naming Guidelines

When naming your LLC in Maine, it’s crucial to follow two key directives:

  • Ensure the chosen name is distinct from existing business entities registered with the Maine Secretary of State.
  • Include one of the specified phrases or abbreviations in your LLC’s name, such as “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” “L.C.,” or “LC.”

Reserve Your LLC Name With the Maine Secretary of State

After finalizing your LLC’s name, reserve it with the Maine Secretary of State to prevent its use by other entities before submitting your Certificate of Formation. Begin by using the Maine Secretary of State’s Corporate Name Search to verify the name’s availability.

If the name is open, submit an Application for Reservation of Name by mail to the Secretary of State, securing the name for up to 120 days. The associated filing fee is $20.

Pro Tip: When selecting a business name, consider your marketing strategy and check for an available matching domain name on the internet to enhance your online presence.

2. Select a Registered Agent in Maine

Every business in Maine must have a designated address and contact person (either an individual or a business entity) on record to receive legal documents—a role fulfilled by a “registered agent.” 

Numerous companies provide registered agent services for a modest annual fee, managing the reception of deliveries, scanning them, and forwarding them to you digitally.

Maintaining accessibility during all business hours is a prerequisite for a Maine registered agent, making it impractical for you to fulfill this role if you anticipate being away from the office periodically.

You can opt to designate a registered agent before completing the remaining paperwork. Accomplish this by submitting a Statement of Appointment or Change (applicable to commercial and noncommercial registered agents). As implied by its name, this filing can also be used to update your registered agent later if needed. The associated filing fee is $35.

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3. Submit a Certificate of Formation

Once prepared, submit a Certificate of Formation to the Maine Secretary of State to formally establish your LLC within the state. Unlike in many other states, this filing must be done through traditional mail and isn’t available online. The standard filing fee is $175, but expedited services are available for an extra $50 for 24-hour processing or $100 for immediate service.

Ensure that your Maine LLC Certificate of Formation includes the following details:

  • LLC name
  • Effective date of the certificate, either upon filing or at a later date
  • Name and address of the registered agent
  • Date when the certificate will take effect
  • Declaration of whether the LLC is a low-profit LLC
  • Declaration of whether the LLC is professional
  • Signature of an authorized individual

For Foreign LLCs

If your LLC was formed in a state other than Maine and intends to operate in the state, it must register with the Maine Secretary of State. Follow these steps:

  • Adhere to Maine’s LLC naming criteria and verify the availability of your LLC’s name using Maine’s Corporate Name Search
  • Designate a registered agent in Maine
  • Submit a Statement of Foreign Qualification to Conduct Activities to the Maine Secretary of State via mail (online filing isn’t an option). The filing fee is $250

This statement should be accompanied by either a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Existence from your LLC’s home state, dated no more than 90 days before submission to the Secretary of State.

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4. Create an Operating Agreement

While not mandatory for LLC formation in Maine, it’s highly advisable to draft a comprehensive operating agreement for your fledgling limited liability company.

The operating agreement should:

  • Define the business structure of the LLC
  • Specify the individual responsibilities and duties of its members
  • Outline the operational framework of the LLC

Failure to have an operating agreement delineating the specific roles of its members may expose the LLC to legal and operational challenges.

Insider Tip: Retain a signed copy of the operating agreement at your primary business location or office. Keeping an additional copy at home or on a secure hard drive is also wise. People, including business partners, can be unpredictable. A legally binding operating agreement protects your interests in the event of conflicts.

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5. Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS

Proceed to acquire an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS as the next step. You can apply for this number at no cost through the IRS website. An EIN is essential for handling employer or corporate taxes, making it necessary if your LLC falls into any of the following categories:

  • Has multiple members
  • Employs staff
  • Chooses to be taxed as a corporation

Insider Tip: Even if your intention isn’t to hire employees, add additional members, or opt for corporate taxation, it’s still advisable to obtain an EIN. In fact, you might prefer using an EIN instead of your Social Security number for added security in your business activities. Furthermore, certain banks may require an EIN to open a business account.

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Upon establishing an LLC in Maine, members must attend to ongoing legal responsibilities throughout the company’s existence.

Submit Annual Reports

Every active LLC in Maine must annually file a report with the Secretary of State, due by June 1 each year. Annual reports can be submitted either online or by mail. The filing fee is $85 for Maine-formed LLCs and $150 for foreign LLCs conducting business in the state.

Secure Business Licenses and Permits

Depending on the nature of the business and its location, a Maine LLC may need to obtain various state or locally-issued business licenses, permits, or certifications. Refer to’s Business Licensing page for state requirements and explore the Local Government portal for information on local business license requirements and city clerk contact details.

Register With Maine Revenue Services

Certain active LLCs in Maine must register with the Maine Revenue Services to fulfill specific state tax obligations. This obligation applies to LLCs that collect sales tax on retail goods and those with employees.

Insider Tip: Additional yearly responsibilities, such as employment taxes or sales tax remittances, may apply. Seeking guidance from an accountant or another business expert can assist in ensuring compliance with these annual filings.

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7. Explore Business Insurance Options in Maine

Explore the business insurance choices available in Maine to safeguard your new venture from unforeseen setbacks. While limited liability companies (LLCs) safeguard personal assets in times of financial strain, considering additional insurance coverage is prudent. The standard insurance options in Maine encompass:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Maine mandates businesses with employees to invest in workers’ compensation, an insurance package addressing injuries or illnesses sustained by workers during work-related activities.
  • General Liability Insurance: Offering comprehensive coverage, general liability insurance shields your business from legal actions arising from accidents, injuries, or negligence associated with your business operations or on your company premises.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: This insurance type covers the expenses linked to repairing or replacing lost or damaged property during business operations, including costs related to fire, weather damage, or theft.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Geared towards businesses providing high-competency professional services such as law, accounting, or real estate, professional liability insurance protects against potential damages in case of a malpractice suit.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: In the face of data breaches or ransomware attacks that can adversely affect both customers and your business’s reputation, cyber liability insurance becomes valuable. It aids in covering expenses related to notifying customers about an attack, compensating them, or providing credit monitoring for affected customers.

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8. Promote Your LLC

Once your operations are underway, you must begin marketing efforts for your new business. Marketing aims to engage potential customers and cultivate their loyalty for repeat business. Crafting an effective marketing plan for your Maine LLC may involve the following components:

  • Market Research: A crucial aspect of the success of your LLC is understanding your target customers. Conduct thorough research on factors such as competitor products or services, customer profiles, and the economic history relevant to your LLC’s market niche.
  • Advertising and Promotion: Whether you choose to create and place ads independently or enlist the services of an advertising agency, traditional paid advertising remains a potent method for gaining brand visibility.
  • Social Media: In the contemporary business landscape, maintaining a robust online presence across various social media platforms—such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more—is imperative. Consistently sharing content on these platforms that aligns with your brand identity can enhance visibility in Maine and globally.
  • Public Relations: Building robust relationships with the media in Maine and nationally can attract valuable organic attention to your business.
  • Customer Retention: Formulating a strategy to retain customers involves leveraging marketing materials, digital tools, and a strong social media presence to foster genuine relationships. These efforts contribute to turning customers into repeat patrons and encourage them to introduce your brand to friends and family.

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Maine LLC Guidelines

Naming Requirements

The name of a Maine LLC must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It must be distinguishable from the names of existing business entities recorded with the Maine Secretary of State.
  • It must include one of the following phrases or abbreviations: “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” “L.C.,” or “LC.”

Formational Documents and Filing Fees

Application for Reservation of Name – $20 filing fee

Certificate of Formation – $175 filing fee

Statement of Foreign Qualification to Conduct Activities – $250 filing fee (for foreign LLCs only)

Registration Procedure

An LLC is established in Maine by submitting a Certificate of Formation to the Maine Secretary of State.

File Annual Reports – Mandatory for all LLCs conducting business in Maine

Obtain State and Local Business Licenses/Permits – Required for specific types of LLCs

Register with Maine Revenue Services – Essential for certain categories of LLCs

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How to Start an LLC in Maine – FAQs

Can I Set up an LLC for Free in Maine?

Initiating an LLC in Maine necessitates a $175 filing fee to submit the certificate of formation. An annual report must be filed each year, incurring a domestic filing fee of $85 or a foreign filing fee of $150. Explore more details about potential fees by consulting our comprehensive guide on the costs associated with starting an LLC.

Do Maine Llcs Pay Taxes?

Typically, Maine LLCs don’t directly settle taxes. LLCs are generally recognized as pass-through entities, meaning the responsibility for tax payment passes through the business to its member(s). 

However, certain taxes, such as withholding taxes for employed personnel or sales tax on specific products or services, may be applicable. Corporate taxes may be applicable if your LLC has opted for an alternative tax treatment. For personalized tax advice related to your business, it’s advisable to consult with a tax professional.

Do I Need a Registered Agent in Maine?

In the establishment of an LLC in Maine, it’s mandatory to designate a registered agent.

Do Maine LLCs Need to File an Annual Report?

Maine LLCs are obligated to submit an annual report either online or via mail by June 1 each year, incurring a filing fee of $85 for domestic LLCs and $150 for foreign LLCs. Neglecting to file the annual report could lead to the administrative dissolution of your LLC.

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How Do I Dissolve an LLC in Maine?

To dissolve an LLC in Maine, adhere to the dissolution instructions outlined in your operating agreement. Subsequently, complete and submit Maine’s certificate of cancellation form along with a $75 fee. The form can be mailed to the Maine Department of the Secretary of State. 

The necessary details to include in the form are the LLC’s start date, dissolution date, and the desired date for the cancellation to take effect. Ensure the form is signed and dated.

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