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How to Stay Anonymous as a Business Owner

How to stay anonymous as a business owner

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As a business owner, you might want to remain anonymous when starting a business. This includes not sharing your personal information or financial interests with others. You may prefer keeping your business strategies and affairs out of the public’s view. Being an anonymous business owner also helps you avoid potential lawsuits.

If you want to form an LLC, then there are certain anonymous LLC states that allow you to register anonymously. A private registered agent is one of the foremost things you need to stay anonymous as a business owner. It helps to have a good registered agent on your side to take care of all communications related to your business. 

With Northwest Registered Agent, you can register your business anonymously and get a great deal for $39 only. Here’s everything you need to know about how to be an anonymous business owner.

What Is an Anonymous Business?

Anonymous business ownership offers complete privacy when it comes to keeping your personal and private information off the public record. As an anonymous business owner, you will not be publicly identified by the state in relation to your business. 

When you register a business anonymously, all information about your members, managers, and owners will remain private.  

How to Stay Anonymous When Running a Business?

  • Register an anonymous LLC 
  • Avoid sharing personal information online
  • Carefully handle your social media
  • Use your business’s name when registering for services
  • Keep your personal credit cards away
  • Change your web browser settings
  • Try to use a VPN
  • Don’t use personal subscriptions while working
  • Use a PO box
  • Don’t tell unknown people about your business

Listed below are the numerous ways that can help you become an anonymous business owner.

1. Register an Anonymous LLC 

You are required to register your business to start operations. However, this means that your information can be used to disclose your identity. That’s why it helps to apply for an anonymous registration, which will keep all of your personal information hidden.

Use a registration service that understands your privacy needs. Whatever your reasons for becoming an anonymous business owner, the right registered agent service will help you achieve that goal. 

Northwest Registered Agent knows what business owners want and for them, the privacy of their clients matters the most. Now you can start your anonymous LLC with them for $39 only. A registered agent will act as a middleman and transfer all communications to you without you directly getting in touch with anyone else.

2. Avoid Sharing Personal Information Online

If you earn online and hide the ownership of your business, then avoid sharing personal information in your posts. It’s not hard for hackers and investigators to find what they are looking for to disclose your identity. 

A way you can become an anonymous business owner is by not sharing your domain registration, email addresses, an ‘About’ page, your social media handles, and by using stock images instead of personal photographs.

3. Carefully Handle Your Social Media

As a business owner, you do have to stay connected with your customers in some form. If you have to use social media, then make sure to create separate accounts for your business. All major social media platforms allow you to create business pages. Twitter and Facebook also have options for you to sign up as an anonymous business owner.

4. Use Your Business’s Name When Registering for Services

Whether you are running a physical business or an online one, there are times when you will need to register for certain services. Instead of using your personal details during registration, it’s safer to register under your business’s name. This greatly reduces the chances of someone else finding out about you.

5. Keep Your Personal Credit Cards Away

Avoid using your personal credit cards when you register for different services through your company. Personal credit cards tend to be easily identifiable, which means they can be used for nefarious purposes, like selling them on the dark web, stealing someone’s identity, and so on. 

Creating a business bank account and using it to register for services is a better option as it keeps you safe. You stay under your business’s and bank insurance’s protection in case something happens.

6. Change Your Web Browser Settings

Your internet browser stores all sorts of personal data, which can make it easier to unmask your identity. You can minimize the risk by using a secure browser, anonymous search engines, and disabling all cookies while not accepting new ones. You can also mask your IP address and use your browser in incognito mode.

7. Try to Use a VPN

As an anonymous business owner, you can protect your identity by using a VPN. A VPN works by encrypting the data between the internet and your device. Usually, VPN packages come with several features that allow more security when you use the internet, like ad blockers, phishing alerts, and protection from suspicious websites.

Keep in mind that VPNs can slow down internet connection, so this might interfere with your work.

8. Don’t Use Personal Subscriptions While Working

You can use the same computer for both work and leisure. However, do not use your personal logins for video streaming websites when you decide to take a break from work. This will make it easy for someone, like a hacker, to trace you. Also, make sure to configure your search engine and browser according to your privacy needs.

9. Use a PO Box

As a business owner, you might need postage and packaging reception. Whether you have a physical or online store, you would want to avoid interacting with delivery personnel. Using a PO box to receive packages and mail will make this job a lot easier. Make sure you use your company’s details when registering for a PO box.

10. Don’t Tell Unknown People About Your Business

In addition to staying anonymous online, you have to hide your business’s identity in the real world too. Avoid telling people that you own a business, as you don’t know the people you meet sometimes. Also, don’t use any cards to pay for things in person, and always use cash. 

Why Would You Want to Be Anonymous as a Business Owner?

  • Personal reasons: If you had a bad experience in the past, you should opt for anonymous business ownership.
  • Avoiding media scrutiny: You will stay out of the public eye.
  • Protection of assets: All of your assets are secured.
  • Keep creditors away: Creditors are people you owe money to, like friends, family, banks, or credit card issuers.
  • Protecting one’s identity: Your personal information stays off public records.
  • Avoiding cyberattacks: By maintaining proper cyber hygiene, your identity stays safe online.

How to Be an Anonymous Business Owner – Conclusion

It’s not illegal to be an anonymous business owner, as long as you don’t commit any fraud. Taking care of your identity and business is your right. When you stay vigilant, both online and in person, you don’t have to worry about your identity being disclosed to potential threats. 

It also helps to have a good registered agent on your side. Northwest Registered Agent helps to keep your identity and all other information private for just $39.  

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